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Mia TaylorHi, My name is Mia Taylor. I created this site for a few reasons. One was that my grandfather was Harry Taylor’s son and relishes in the memories of times he spent at the Studio Girl headquarters, and about all the stories he heard from women across America selling these amazing products. The other is that I really enjoy getting in touch with my ancestors and saw how important it was to my grandfather.

I would love it if this site became a place to share memories, photos and memoribilia that have been saved or found over the years.

Many have expressed the desire to learn more about the ways in which Studio Girl impacted women around the nation, and to have a place where they can reconnect with friends that were also a part of such a great company and I think this place can be it.

Keep in mind I’ll be editing this site as time goes on, so stay tuned for the upgrades and additional photos.

As of January (2012), I received two amazing albums of catalogues and newsletters sent from a woman in Maine. I’m excited to scan them and share them with you all!

Thanks for visiting!


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