Harry Taylor’s Album

Welcome to the Chairman Harry Taylor’s person family album, we’re excited to share some family tidbits from the time in our lives when Harry was very active at Studio Girl.


Studio Girl Cosmetics President, Harry Taylor

Harry Taylor and his grandkids

Harry Taylor’s wife Virginia and grandkids

Harry Taylor with wife Virginia Taylor and son Richard Taylor (Far left), Daughter-in-law Charlene Taylor (Center), Wife and grandkids. (From left to right: Ron, Russell, Tina and Tami)



  1. Looking for information about 1960s studio girl rubber teddy bears. I have two and would like to buy some more. Are they very collectable? Thank you.

  2. Dick Taylor

    My dad always looked like a successful person! I grew up in a great atmosphere!
    Here I am with my family. I did not follow in his footsteps. And I often wondered
    if that hurt his feelings. My life became very successful in a totally different field.
    Strange also that my brother, Tom, did not join Studio Girl when he became eligible.
    It may have been that Dad was a guy expected top performance from everyone and when Tom and I were growing up we found his rules too tough to follow. I don’t know.
    Dad never mentioned the subject ever!

    • Don

      I’m not sure what prompted me to Google Studio Girl, but it may have been an old photo of me taken at the Hollywood Bowl in the late 40s or early 50s.
      My father, who worked for The Grand Union Co. had won a trip to LA, and we visited your family at your home. I remember that you and your brother had hot rods in the garage.
      Is this a memory? Or am I dreaming?

      • Hi Don- Your dream is very vivid in my memory. My brother had a 32 Ford Hotrod and I had a 1938 4-Door convertible. And my dad had to park out in the driveway. I don’t remember your visit but I remember the Grand Union era very clearly. I would like to know your full name as I probably knew your dad. Look forward to hearing from you
        -Dick Taylor

    • Don

      Hello Dick: The last name is Sandberg, but I don’t think you would have had any dealings with my dad. But you never know. You may remember the President, Shields.
      I’m glad to know I was not dreaming about visiting, and remembering the hot rod. I’m thinking it was in the garage, but I don’t remember a car in the driveway.
      What I do remember is your beautiful home with a great view from a glass walled living room, and your lovely mother. True? And you and your brother being nice to what I’m sure was a smart ass 12 year old.

      • Hi Don,

        I’m sorry to say that my grandfather, Dick passed away and I completely forgot to reply to your message until now. I didn’t get a chance to read him your message as he was ill with melanoma and passed just a few days after your reply to him. He loved reading your comments on the website though, it brought up a lot of great memories of his and tom’s old cars and of the Studio Girl history.

        His mother was definitely very lovely, and I have visited the house you talk about. It was and still is a beautiful home.

        Thank you for taking the time to find us here and leave a comment with your memories.

        All the best,

        Mia Taylor – Dick Taylor’s eldest granddaughter

  3. Tamara Taylor

    Having Harry Taylor as a grandfather was unique in that he would have us memorize sayings about enthusiasm making the difference, positive attitudes and we even memorized the Watkin’s salesman’s chant. There was never a dull moment when we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Diving in the pool to retrieve pennies and watching Grandpa with his insatiable appetitie for biographies and books on excellence. When we were kids, the fact that he built an empire with 20,000 employees didn’t register. He was just the grandpa who got a kick out of exchanging my glass of milk for a glass of buttermilk and watching my face pucker with sour-suprise…..

    • Most don’t realize what they have till it is gone. I wish I could still hold those blue bottles my mom seem to have in her hands.

  4. Tina Taylor Dyches

    I have some of the same great memories about Harry Taylor as my sister has. We loved going to the desert in the summer to visit Grandpa Harry and Grandma Bim. Even when it was 115 degrees outside, we didn’t complain, but had a wonderful time in the swimming pool or fetching golf balls from the water hazards on the golf course. Grandpa was such a great example of living a life of excellence. He loved to call me “Tina the Great!” He believed in the potential of all people to be great!

  5. Tom Green

    My mother sold Studio Girl Cosmetics in Indiana back in the ’60’s. I think she was the top monthly seller in the country a few times. If I remember right everyone that bought the products loved them. I bought a lot of their hand lotion. Being an offsett pressman my hands were in a lot of different chemicals which dried them out in the winter and the tips of my fingers would split open and bleed. I tried many different hand lotions which did nothing for them. Mom gave me a bottle of Studio Girl hand lotion and it worked very well, so well a lot of my coharts at work started using it and I was buying six bottles each time I ordered. I wish I could buy some now or could find something as fine.

    • Dave

      HI, everyone,
      What i know about studio girl products could fit on the head of a pin. Im in the process of cleaning my parents house out and through the process i came to some old filing cabinets. My mother was very very organized so i had to be very careful not to throw out certain documents. As i was digging, i kept coming across studio girl items….
      ( tons of bags, order forms, cards, records, wrapping boxes etc…)
      all of it was in mint condition
      never occured to me what this stuff was because mom had many different businesses before i wsa born and so i was clueless as to the brand.
      FINALLY… i said to myself ” I need to google studio girl”
      Then this web site and many others popped up.
      I was amazed to realize that mom was a salesperson for this company between 1060-1964 ish
      After going through her records and sales info, seems she did very well for herself.
      needless to say, after i read that peole were interested in this brand and its product memorabilia, i immediately dumped the garbage barrel that was filled and started pulling outall the studio girl products. Then i went into the dumpster and pulled out many more items. In all i filled a 2’x2′ box.
      If anyone is interested in seeing this , send me an email to dgp11@aol.com and title it studio girl and ill see what i can send.
      another funny thing was , as i sort through the mountains of old records , i can across 2 discs that stood out from the rest. One was gold colored and the other bright red. I placed them aside and went about my cleaning . A few days later when i got into the studio girl website, i saw those records which were some type of informative piece for the sales reps.
      Hope you enjoyed this
      Dave P

  6. L. Zimmerman

    My mom used to sell SGC in my youth. Wasn’t Doris Day a spokesperson for the co? One of her songs was a perfume fragrance. I too remember the hand lotion it was green wasn’t it? I will let mom know I found this sight and see if she would like me to post some memories.

    • L. Zimmerman,

      We’d lovee if your mother would share memories with us. I’m thinking maybe I should start a page solely for where people can comments – these pages are starting to get really long with comments (AWESOME!). i do believe the lotion was a greenish bottle. I’ll be scanning in some product photos and newsletters soon, so be sure to check back!

      Harry Taylors great-granddaughter

  7. susan walace

    i was at a yard sale and found some old albums, i found two albums from the sixties a salesman kept every record and old promotions,,bills that people who owed him very interesting, i was going to use the albums for pictures but these are to good to just take them out. if anyone is interested in them please make a post and i will reply,,ther is alot of pictures also of ever products and prices. thank youi

    • Hi Susan, Thank you for writing in about the memorabilia you came across! I’d love to get those from you and I can scan them and put them on the website as well. Studio Girl has played a huge role in our family (My grandfather was Harry Taylor’s (CEO) son. He asked me to make this website before he passed so that all those people whose lives were touched by Studio Girl would have a place to reminisce. I will send you an email just in case you don’t get this message.

      Thank you again!

      • Barry Knaus

        I recently found a mint sales cardboard phonograph record with testimonials from sales ladies and Harry Taylor’s picture on it if anyone is interested in owning this piece of memorabilia.You can reach me,Barry,at 812-498-3006or email me at bknaus1960@gmail.com bknaus1960@gmail.com

  8. susan walace

    still have not got an e mail..will wait to hear from you..

    • susan walace

      if you would like to call me and make arrangements to get these.

    • susan walace

      i would like to know if you are interesed in the three albums that i have,,please write me an e mail at buffieloo@yahoo.com or you may call me at 207-608-6900,,i really think you would luv them,, getting things packed up around here so i hope to hear from you soon,, thanks have a nice day

  9. David (Terry) Tuttle

    Just stumbled on this site. Harry (Bud) and Bim Taylor were close family friends. The Taylor’s were a great family. I have wonderful memories from the time I was quite young. Bim’s Studebacker was frequently in the driveway when I would get home from school. I not only remember Dick’s 4-door convertible, I road in it, Harry hired me to sweep floors and clean equipment at the San Fernando Rd. facility in 1954. Spent the next 12 years working for Studio Girl and Helene Curtis. Harry was a very demanding employer, and thanks to that, I developed work habits that underpinned my future success.

    • Hi David,

      My mother remembers hearing very fond words spoken about the Tuttle family. My grandfather (Harry/Bud’s son) loved to talk about the old Studio Girl days. I remember my grandpa talking a lot about his 4-door convertible. That’s great to hear you went on working at Helene Curtis. I wish there was some way to get in touch with someone there and talk to them about remaking some of the amazing Studio Girl products. When I was about 5 or 6 I remember visiting my grandparents and using shampoo bottles from Studio Girl. My grandfather (Dick) explained that it was his father’s pride and joy. Glad Harry’s work ethic and demanding nature paid off! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your memories!

      Mia Taylor

  10. Brookelea Lutton

    I don’t know what brought me to this site either. But here I am, walking down memory lane. My mother sold SGC in the late 50’s from Porterville, CA. I used to help her bag up her orders and go with her on deliveries. I recently ran across a little booklet that SGC put out where children of distributors were featured as we wrote about how we helped our moms with their cosmetics business.

    • Brookelea,
      What great memories you must have! Thanks for sharing them with us! If you still have the booklet, we’d love to see pictures! Let me know – we can even post them on the site!

      All the best,

      Mia Taylor (Harry Taylor’s great-granddaughter)

      • Brookelea Lutton

        Mia…I’ve come across the booklet. How do I get pictures to you?


  11. To Mr. Tuttle:

    As a young child, perhaps 9 years of age, I met your father or grandfather, Cecil Tuttle, who was (as I recall) a World War I veteran. He showed me a “Kaiser Wilhelm” helmet he had “liberated.” It made quite an impression.


    Tim Taylor
    Son of Tom, Nephew of Dick, and Grandson of Studio Girl founder Harry Taylor

    • My dad, Thomas C. Cook, C.P.A., worked for Harry Taylor as Studio Girl’s financial v.p. until the early 60’s. I worked evenings after school at the San Fernando Road h.q. sweeping floors, mixing chemicals for the chief chemist, etc. 1961-63. Later, I was hired by your Dad, Tom Taylor, to work in sales for the Tetley Company on Wilshire Blvd., and even later as sales director at the old Ambassador Hotel. Tom was a great guy and taught me a lot of salesmanship that still serves me even today.

      I saw your Dad several times in the early 80’s when he helped develop the tennis condos in Rancho Mirage. You bear a great resemblance to Tom! I’ve thought of him many times over the years, and was very sorry when he passed away. The last time I saw him was probably 1984 when he drove up to my house in Palm Desert to drop off something or other. He’d really lightened-up in those years, driving a Porsche and sporting longer hair and a mustache! (Our home back then was a stone’s throw from Harry & Virginia Taylor’s home in Palm Desert… though we didn’t live in the upscale Marakesh community.)

      I knew your mother, Pam, a little but not nearly as much as Tom. Please tell her “hello” from me, if she’s still with us. She was a lovely, warm lady.

      Craig Cook
      Gainesville, GA

  12. David (Terry) Tuttle

    It took me a few months to return to this sight. Tim you were right the first time, Cecil was my father. I still have the helmets, along with several other things. My father served in both world wars. He brought the helmets home in 1946.
    But enough of that. The Tuttles lived around the corner from the Taylors sometime around 1935-36, and became lifelong friends. Tom Taylor was my bother Tom’s best friend from R. D. White grammar school through Glendale High. I remember watching Tom play football in the annual Glendale Hoover B game. I was a student at Toll Jr. High accross street from Hoover. So many memories.
    As I mentioned before, Your grandfather was a real task master, and I owe him a great deal for getting me started in the right direction.

  13. This might seem like a strange request but I have recently discovered that I was adopted and the only information I have on my father is that he worked for studio girl as a chemical analysist in the south of England, probably around the town of Portsmouth. This would have been around 1966 / 67 he would have been about 23 or 24 years old. His name was Peter Moule and I was told he was half English half French. If anyone has any information about him, no matter how small it would be much appreciated as all I have is what I have shared here and I would really like to catch up with him before it is too late as he must be approaching 70 now. Many thanks – you can contact me at firechillproductions@yahoo.co.uk

  14. Marguerite Pruett

    What a find after all these years!! I DO know what made me search for this site–I’ve been searching for it for years! I was a representative at the age of 14, and for years after that. Studio Girl Cosmetics enabled me to open my first bank account at the age of 15. My customers LOVED the products, and after selling everything from real estate to other cosmetics in my lifetime, I still miss Studio Girl. What a walk down memory lane! I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you, Taylor family, for sharing this with all of us to whom it means so much…your family played an important role in our lives!!

  15. TJ

    I just found an ad in a september 1966 newspaper in Illinois stating that my grandmother was the area manager for Studio Girl cosmetics. She had placed the ad to recruit new sales people. She was already 70 years old at the time. I remember playing with her cosmetics.

  16. rosemary

    This is all nice to have all these connections, etc. experiences. For those of us that would like to know the facts, it’s disconcerting and not helpful at all. The world wants facts….the education of Harry Taylor, why he went into this business, when did he found it, when was it bought out and by whom, are these products made anymore, etc…..really, we have our own memories and experiences and we’re really not getting basic information about this company.

    • Hi Rosemary, Thank you for leaving your feedback. I created this site because my grandfather (CEO Harry Taylor’s Son) was passing and I knew he’d like to see photos up on the web, and hear back from people about their memories and experiences. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of this information you’re looking for but will be asking my family for info for you.

      What I can tell you now is that Helene Curtis bought Studio Girl Cosmetics and no longer makes the products today.

      – Mia Taylor, Great Granddaughter of CEO Harry Taylor

  17. jackie

    Hello! I recently came across a soap set its a “u.s.a men in space” soap set and it says its by studio girls? 1966 i believe.
    I was wondering if it was once made by you?

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