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The Face of Studio Girl Cosmetics

Harry Taylor Studio Girl Cosmetics Album

The Story of Studio Girl Cosmetics: A Personal Message from Harry Taylor

Studio Girl Cosmetics

A close-up of the vinyl.

Harry Taylor Studio Girl Vinyl

“This 45 rpm record is amazing enough without this tidbit: The voice on it is my other grandfather, character actor Syd Christie, whose stage name was Nelson Leigh and who made numerous movies and TV programs during the 1940’s, ’50’s and 60’s (you can look him up on” – Tim Taylor, is Harry Taylor’s eldest grandson and son of Tom Taylor.

Thanks to Tim Taylor, Tom Taylor and Christie Waldron for the photos!



  1. Linda Brooks

    my mother use to sell the cosmetics back in the early 60’s in canada. wish we still could have the sales back in. oh the dreams…as a teenager I loved all of the products…they were within reason in prices…esp the perfumes,

  2. Rosie M.Metzler

    As a very young woman I loved selling “studio girl”cosmetics,my Mother loved when i would wash my hair with the strawberry shampoo,it was so lovely,my hair would glisten and be noticed,it was a favorite seller,a memory worth revisiting time and time again.With heartfelt thanks,Rosie

  3. Mary McCarty

    My Aunt pasted away a few months back and going through her things I found some papers about Studio Girl and a Mail Order Courtesy Card, plus a booklet on 39 Hollywood Secrets of Beauty. I was wondering if anyone would like these that remember the company or worked for the company. Just let me know I will hang on to them until I hear from someone. I just didn’t want to throw them away since they are old.

    • Hi Mary,

      My grandfather (for whom I built this site last year) was Harry Taylor’s (CEO) son and loved the Studio Girl business. He kept many products- and if they were empty- the bottles. He passed in March and I’d love to have the paperwork you have on the company, as I’m looking to make a historical album of all of the documents etc. I will scan and upload them into the Memoribilia section of the website.

      If you can, please mail them to Mia Taylor PO BOX 5834 Playa Del Rey, CA 90296. I will copy this into an email for you, just in case you don’t get this reply.

      Thanks Mary!

      • alan klenetsky

        i have a 45 record in the cover, it’s in good condition, would you be interested in it?

      • What is the topic of the record? Is it Harry Taylor speaking? A training record? Would love to know. Might be interested in it.

    • jisimmonsblack

      Wow that is wonderful! I remember my grandmother used to sale Studio Girl and my mother would sell Beeline apparel.

  4. Janet in Ind.

    My Mom sold Studio Girl Cosmetics in the 50’s and 60’s, she really enjoyed meeting the people she met, and selling the product as well.

    • Hi Janet in Indiana!
      Thank you for sharing your memories! It seems like a lot of women have such fond memories of selling the products or helping their mothers sell/deliver the products!

      – Mia
      Harry Taylor’s great-granddaughter

      • Mia…..I am the person who had to close Studio Girl Cosmetics because of lack of sales. My dear sister in law and brother bought Studio Girl from Beeline and we kept the business running for as long as we could….In fact Bee Line went out of business before I closed Studio Girl and I still have some of the products.

      • Carol

        I sold Studio Girl Back in the late 50s, I won a white Christmas tree, my Daughters found it and saved it for me, still in the original box, time flies when your having fun, I loved studio Girl😀🇺🇸

      • How cool that you have those memories, and the tree! Would love to add a picture to the memorabilia page. If you’d like to add it, send it to

  5. JoEllen

    My Mother is 87 years old and she has the most beautiful complexion, she has such a soft silk touch to her skin and face, and she gives it all to Studio Girl. She said she started using it from the age of 16. Up until her representive (s) past away. I don’t think she knew where to go to continue with it,
    There were 10 children 2 boys and 8 girls, My Mother was a very busy little lady. But growing up I will always remember how important it was to her to take care of herself. I loved smelling her moisturizers, creams she had. She faithfully would do her white mask once a week, she would walk out of the room As a little girl it was kinda of spooky. Between her Studio Girl Products and Dippity Do! WOW! I loved it!!!
    I am a cosmetologist now and always bring Studio Girl products up. I need to be more like my Mom and take care of my face and skin. She looks amazing! Thanks Studio Girl!

    JoEllen Lee My Mother Fidie Lee

  6. I am selling some Studio Girl products on myinternet shop………..

    • thriftytreasures2009

      I have a bottle of the Studio Girl Eye and Throat Oil for sale on Yardsellr if anyone is interested. It is still in the box. Great item, I learned some history here.

    • Donna L. Payne Dickerman

      Reason why I looked Studio Girl up, I was hoping to sell your products again. Is it a plan for you to open Studio Girl in the near future? Hopefully you can utilize the same formulas? Thank you, as I have read many people are so interested. Please say yes! My best thoughts are pointed in your direction. All the best to you and yours, Donna

  7. Rikki Wight

    I am allergic to perfume but when Studio girl was around i used Qua Sera it had a lovely smell and would really love it to return so sad when it disappeared xx

  8. Kathy

    I worked at Studio Girl 1969 – 1972 as did my mother 1967? – 1974? on the Airport Service Road in Portsmouth UK. Used to Fill, pick, pack and work the stores loved my time there. Remember well the white bags that the reps would have I even had one as a school bag.
    also remember that we had a contract to fill Youth Dew for Ester Lauder – still can’t stand the smell of it much preferring the less over powering fragrances of Studio Girl’s own fragrances (who’s names sit just at the edge of my memory). Happy days

  9. Clarice Boyette

    I have a Antiqued Jeweled Locket Studio Girl #8 I was wanting to know if it has value

  10. Val

    My mom sold Studio girl for a short time. I still have 2 solid perfume rings(faux pearls) that I kept and hope they were studio girl items. I remember trips to customers homes before my dad came home and supper had to be on the table.

  11. susie

    Just curious if there is a market out there for the old products, packaging, album, etc. My mother was a local distributor in the 60s and we still have many of these things and would like to sell them. Thanks!

  12. Roger (Rod) Gayton

    Many years ago, when I was 20+ I held studio girl parties in the Homestead, FL as a salesMAN, for the greatest cosmetic company in the business. It is good to see you are alive and well. I had fun representing you, an my thoughts are always fond for our association. I am now 81 years old and still active. I always talk to people about my experiences (some lies Ha Ha, but never about the product, they are too perfect). I still tell people, you are the best cosmetics in the business both to use or to represent. If I were younger, I would go back into the business with Studio Girl, it would be like coming home and a great partnership.

    Keep up the great work
    Roger (Rod) I. Gayton

    • Roger (Rod) Gayton

      Anybody out there or does the product exist any more. If so, what a shame please contact me.

  13. terri

    My grandma use to sell Studio Girl in the 60’s. Every year we would get a soap-on-a-rope for Christmas. When I was six I bit a strawberry lip balm that belonged to my sister because it smelled so yummy. I got in so much trouble for doing that! I am quite the salesperson today because of my grandma!

  14. Niki

    I found an unopened box of silken face powder at an antique store. I used this product years ago and could not believe it was sitting in a small town, unopened! If someone wants a pic for the website, let me know

  15. Elaine Hearne

    OMG!!! Last time I did an online search for Studio Girl Cosmetics, I got absolutely NOTHING. My mom was a Studio Girl rep
    in the early ’60s, when I was little. Young as we were, my sister and I were often “guinea pigs” for various products — especially nail polish. Mom was not the greatest manicurist, so the manicures were often quite painful. But the polishes were lovely.

    Mom had friends who sold other products, such as Avon and Stanley Home Products, and they’d get together and hold “pitch parties”, wherein they would practice their sales pitches. It was always fun to watch, and we got “goodie bags” filled with samples. It was such fun to play “dress up” with those 🙂

    Every time I catch the aroma of face powder, I think.of Studio Girl Cosmetics. Such fond memories. Such a wonderrful product.

    • Hi Elaine,

      Thanks for searching again and finding our site! Sounds like you have some really great memories involving your mom and Studio Girl Cosmetics! How fun! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your memories.

  16. Lynn

    What were the years of operation of Studio Girl? I am surprised this is the only place on the internet that has any information about this company!

  17. I was a beauty advisor for Studio Girl Cosmetics in Los Angeles in the 1960’s. Some of the products are featured on my website (

  18. In the late 50’s early 60’s my mom was a sales rep for Studio Girl Cosmetics. She had her bag with all her cosmetics and samples and would take me along and we would go from house to house in our neighborhood in Fla and sell cosmetics. I have nice memories. Back in those days most people would welcome you into their home, offer you food and drink as you sold them cosmetics and socialized. It was like networking today. My mom is 92 and is in amazing shape. She still has her sense of style, just the other day we walked 70 blocks which we usually do, and if you saw her you would never think she is her age. Living a healthy life style and getting plenty of exercise, being humble and positive has paid off. Studio Girl played a big role in my childhood.


    You probably have hundreds of this album, but, if not, I have one that I would like to donate to one of the children downline in the family, rather than throwing it away. It is part of a great family history. I think I just sent for it once when I was younger. Please email me an address so I can mail it. Thank you.

  20. Does anybody have any of the rubber teddy bears with the soap? I am interested if anybody has them for sale, please contact me. Thank you.

  21. sue Louis

    I was going through my mothers things. She passed away in 2009. I found in her items a cardboard scissor sharpener about one inch by two. On the item it says a gift from your Studio Girl Beauty Advisor and number 416. I wonde who 416 was and what time period it was. Does any one know the answer to either of my questions?

    • Hi Sue, It would have been late 50’s early 60’s I believe. I’m not sure who 416 was, sorry!

  22. Just wondering: has anyone set up a Studio Girl Facebook page?

  23. Beverly Kunc

    My mother sold Studio girl cosmetics in the 50s and 60s. I loved them! I have her selling case with some products. She used to have “come-as-you are ” parties. They would go around to homes and pick up ladies for the party. Some would still be in their bathrobes in the morning. They had great fun and the products were very popular.
    Mom lived in a small farming community –Cuba, KS. I would love to find a bottle of Valmora cologne. I wore that when dating my husband of 48 yrs.

  24. Norah Thomson

    My mum worked for Studio Girl in the early 60’s, the products were fabulous! I have great memories, she even took her Studio case with her on visits to her friends – she never left without a sale her friends all loved the products, happy times. I remember she had a gold pin shaped like a rose with a crown she wore with pride. The products were really good I would certainly buy them if they were available today

  25. ViewMaster made 3 reels to promote the Studio Girl Products in the 1950s. They are for sale on ebay right now. View Master was well known for making of custom commerical reels and it seems the Studio Girl hired them to make reels featuring their products. I do have pictures of them and would be pleased to add them to the Memorabilia section, if someone were to contact me.

    • Hi Dalia! How cool, thank you for the info! I’d love to have you send me pictures to add to the Memoribilia page! Please email them to

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