Here are some of the employees that were recognized for outstanding performance!

Studio Girl Cosmetics Employees

And some more…
Studio Girl Cosmetics Employees

And STILL more!
Studio Girl Cosmetics Employees



  1. Dick Taylor

    During my youth I worked in the factory at my Dad’s business… usually on the assembly
    line where the girls put the labels on the bottles of shampoo. That was on Sunset Blvd
    in Los Angeles… As the company grew the factory moved three times…. the next time
    it was on San Fernando Road in Glendale (not far from Forest Lawn Cemetery). Finally
    to the large and beautiful factory when the original Glendale Airport was in the old days. For years I was on the Studio Girl mailing list and so many names became very
    familiar to me year after year. I would love to hear from anyone from that era. Please
    write me! (I was Harry Taylor’s eldest son. My brother, Tom, also got to know many Studio Girls!

  2. judy thornberry



    my grandma use to sell studio girl back around the 60’s or 70’s she has now passed on and this weekend wile cleaning out her storage unit we found a bunch of studio girl stuff is it worth holding on to/ do people still keep it around?
    we know nothing about it.
    if anyone can help please e-mail me at marisapanter@hotmail.com
    thanks for your time.
    im sure grandma would say thanks to. (isabel meise/panter)

  4. I was controller, treasurer and managed Studio Girl with Sirley Lata (Nancy Ross) from 1980 till 1990’s when I closed the business due to lack of sales. A hard thing to do, but no money was coming in and I didn’t want to owe our suppliers…..I have just started selling some of my Studio Girl items on my website….rubylane.com/shop/virtualmemories. and am also on Etsy as maryellensasenick on etsy. It was great to see that you have started a website for Studio Girl… let me know if there is any way I can help out.

  5. Vicki Brown

    My Great Grandmother is Bertha Crews. I have some of her Studio Girl stuff still. I have her photo album with different pictures and awards she received from Studio Girl. My Grandmother has now passed away. She lived to be 93.

  6. I sold Studio Girl products in the sixties, and still miss them. With such a resurrgance of interest in memorable, and, “natural” products, would it be possible to bring them back? Of course I know the business was sold, but(not knowing the legalities of these transactions) did the legal rights to the formulas go with the business/products?

  7. Sandra Zumwalt Shutts

    I started selling Studio Girl in 1963 and did quite well as I was only 16 but developed a great customer base.. Really liked using and selling it and would love to get some but due to extremely low retirement pension I just can’t. Had to retire early due to ill health.The help I got in selling helped me go on to several other companies where I made manager status and I told everyone I hired where I got my start.

  8. I sold your product years ago and I would like to continue. I love your product and need to get information on how to sale it again. Lana

    • Hi Lana, unfortunately Studio Girl Cosmetics was purchased by Helene Curtis many years ago and they no longer produce the products.

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