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Studio Girl Cosmetics products

Found on Etsy, this set contains the faux pearl ring and “Always Yours” perfume.

This album, being sold on Bonanza, is a rare one! How cool!
Studio Girl Cosmetics vinyl

Studio Girl Cosmetics products



  1. Kay Pinkerton

    Firfty four years ago, when I was 16 years old, I started selling Studio Girl Cosmetics, and sold them off and on for about 10 years. My all-time favorite product was “Liquefying Day Cream”, one of the best skin products I have ever seen, and wish I could find it today! Thanks, Kay (Pinkerton) Clouse

    • Thanks for your clear memory. I remember working on the assembly line packaging the Liquefying Day Cream, it truly was a good formula.
      – Dick Taylor, son of Harry Taylor

      • Kay (Pinkerton) Clouse

        Thank you for the honor of your reply. The “assembly line” of packaging must have been a very interesting place. The Studio Girl line was truly a good line, and looks like lots of people still miss it ! Good to know there are still people around who remember these things. K.C.

    • Mary Meade Nash

      Where can you buy Studio Girl Cosmetics now. Like Kay, I sold S. Girl long years ago and I have never, never experienced such a beautiful fragrance as it had.

    • Helen Hill

      Kay, I agree that the products were top rate. That Liquefying Cleaning Cream was a favorite of mine. The closest I have found is “Aboline” cleansing cream. Available at CVS Rx Stores, and I saw for the first time in a local Walmart. Head’s up! Studio Girl’s was best, but this is a close 2nd! Hope this helps!

    • jena alexander

      I have the product your speaking of still in packaging believe it or not

  2. Mrs. White

    Hi, is there any way you could upload a old catalog? Thank you.

  3. Kit



    • Shirley kindermann

      at a estate sale i found a bag full of studio girl cosmetics including some perfumes. I would like to sell them. Would you be interested>

      • Rose

        Do you have pink lace? Rose (ST LOUIS)

      • They asked my mom to model for them, and go to N.Y.

      • audrey

        i would be interested in finding the mask product if you know where i can get it i used to also sold studio girl loved all the products but the mask was one of my best sellers

  4. Jeannie

    We had a lady that worked for us that sold Studio Girl and I loved the Always Yours perfume and lotions…. Sure wish that was back on the market. I still have a bottle, albeit empty, of the perfume… I just love the smell. There is a not a perfume on the market today that can take the place of Always Yours. Thank You

    • Betty

      Couldn’t help but notice what you wrote. I came into here looking for Studio Girl, myself. Oddly enough, Ralph Lauren has perfume and lotion called “Always Yours.” It says Ralph Lauren Romance “Always Yours” on the bottle. If you have an empty bottle and you were a buyer of Studio Girl, I’m sure you are right. I just had to send you a note,…just in case you had the maker wrong. If so, you can still buy it by Ralph Lauren. You wrote in here a while ago and I’;m new to this site, so you probably won’t even get this note.

    • Carol

      I have a full bottle of Always Yours moisturizing cologne in my closet that I saved from the days when I sold the Studio Girl line in my teens. I was thinking of putting it in my yard sale next month.

    • Sandra Rockey

      my mother sold studio girl for years and I think I have a small bottle of Always yours, if you’re still interested

      • Would love to gift this to the Studio Girl owner’s family if you’re willing to part with it! Please email me at Thanks so much!

  5. Dave

    i came across several studio girl items after cleaning my parents house.
    i have a studio girl catalog as well as order forms, bags, samples
    sales data
    anyone interested in seeing it contact me at

  6. Tami Concepcion

    I would like to buy a few bottles of juvenescence beauty mask. Anyone know who I can buy it from?

    • Mary Ellen Sands

      I have several unopened tubes of the beauty mask… let me know if you ae still I ran the company in the 80’s and had to close down because loss of sales. I have quite a bit of inventory and am selling a few things on Etsy

      • Bash

        I would love to buy the mask my grandmom would “treat” me by letting me use her mask as a kid. She was heartbroken when they went out of business.

  7. Rebecca

    I sold Studio Girl back in the 1960s. I wish we could still buy the products. I, too, would like to see some of the old catalogs. I would appreciate a heads-up at

  8. So thrilled to find this website about Studio Girl Cosmetics. I am the person who had to close the doors because of fading business…Our Beauty Advisors were aging and we were unable to get new ones….we just didn’t have the money to continue. Very sad …..I moved the company twice to save on rent and kept it running as long as I could.

    • Betty

      That IS very sad. I actually only bought their shampoo, but from things I’ve just read, it sounds like they had great products. It’s such a shame that nobody could take it over.

    • Joshua Kamei

      I smelled a scent that reminded me of my Great Grandmother and than I thought of the little blue and white container of Studio Girl that would sit on ver vanity. I did some research and found this site. She had the most beautiful skin. I wish this product still existed, as I have begun to see the signs on aging.

    • Charlene Harrison

      Hi Mary Ellen Sands – I am Charlene Hill, who was at the National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1974, when Doris Day Crowned all of us. Gladys Blaylock & Myself, were from Mississippi. I was crowned Newcomer Princess. I miss Studio Girl so much, it just became a part of me. I was told that β€œKingfisher” took all the money, and the company HAD to close. Dolores from Troy, MI told me that. I think about key Beauty Advisors, that I knew and just wonder about them, if they are still around, etc. I am way up north now, presently in Minneapolis, Mn; but will be moving soon. Let me hear from you for old times sake. Oh, I went back to my maiden name- Charlene H Harrison

  9. sherrian

    Roses in the rain was the best lotion I bought as a young person. It was the reason I started selling Studio Girl . loved it.

  10. My first job at the age of 14 was selling Studio Girl Cosmetics. The Company was truly phenomenal. I remember how much they helped me. I was constantly getting free gifts and samples in the mail. It was an exciting job for a young girl. Sue

  11. My Mum was a Studio Girl agent back in the early 60’s near Southend in Essex and some of my early memories are of walking around local housing estates with her and my baby brother in his pram while she sold lipsticks and things. I must have been about 4 at the time but I think Studio Girl was one of the very first brands I became aware of!


    • Jill Clayton

      I used to sell the product back in the 60’s, before coming to Australia. I lived in Lambourn Berks UK at the time and everyone including me just loved the products. I found this page by chance and wish I could still buy the products they were so great. Jill

  12. Oh my gosh, I’m not the only one who remembers, selling (I was 16 in high school) using and, loving Studio Girl. The jewelry was and still is outstanding, the creme shampoo was every girls delight, the liquifying skin cleanser worked for all skin types, I could go on and on. I think we just threw out the rest of my mom’s perfumes, creams etc when she passed recently. I never knew of this website.
    I have always wondered why it never stayed in business. It was better than any product on the market. I always felt since it started in California and we live in Missouri, we just didn’t sell enough out here to keep it in business. Wish I could do it again.

    • Toni

      I too live in Missouri see my post below πŸ˜‰

    • I too, was unaware of this website. I sold the cosmetics in the sixties and have never forgotten the quality of the products. I truly loved them. So did my customers. I just now went online to see if they still existed, so I could once again use and sell them.

  13. LOU

    WOW!!!! I remember Studio Girl. In 1982 a school teacher introduce the product to me it worked very well on my skin I wish it was still availiable.

  14. julie wilkinson

    Hi I collect vintage perfumes and do have some by Studio Girl. I would love a list of perfumes with the date they were launched……..

  15. Jeanie Rees

    My favorite product was the original cleansing cream. I know if I could find that again these whiteheads on my nose would go away. Maybe I should just try petroleum jelly since I can’t find this cleansing cream anymore. God, it was wonderful. Just melted on your skin. I love you, Studio Girl!.

  16. Penny

    My mother sold studio girl cosmetics and they were very nice. What about them being brought back out? I especially like the cold capsule they had out.

  17. My name is ,Helen Evans Addresss is 4213 Motes Lane Greenville ,Ky 42345.I would like for you to send me a catolog if you can

  18. Please mail me a catolog, Thanks

  19. Gene

    Did anyone ever hear of a gentlemen’s cologne called Tanbark by Studio Girl?
    I have a bottle that I purchased at an estate sale and cannot find out any info. on it.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • David (Terry) Tuttle

      Tanbark was developed after Studio Girl moved to the Helene Curtis facility on North Ave. in Chicago around 1964. I transfered to HC and was responsible for working with the package development group developing the packaging for the product intro. Until I saw your post, I had forgotten that product. I spent 11 years at SG, in Glendale, Ca, and 1 year at HC, before returning to California and joining another direct selling company.

  20. Brookelea Lutton

    Seeing this pictures brings it back, now. My mother, who sold them, swore by Derma Regis. The bottles look familiar, too.

  21. Barbara Ranstrom

    Studio girl products were the best. I wish I could still get them

  22. grace justice

    Do you stiill sell wigs?

    Bought a wig yearsd ago, still have it, but would like a new one…


    Grace Justice

  23. My mom used to sell Studio Girl and I remember the creamy shampoo that came in a jar. I loved it and wish I could find it again.

  24. Michael Ichinose

    My father used to sell this product. His name was K. Ichinose.

    • Janice Clark

      My Mom sold Studio Girl about 1957-58. She always took me with her to visit her customers . I remember she would dress me in my best dress and tell me to be a little lady. When ever I think of those few years she sold Studio Girl I remember the scents of the perfumes and creams and lotions, Momma always put a pretty pale lipstick on my lips before we left home…I remember all the little samples she gave out. Too bad there is no more Studio Girl…the products were my Mom’s favorites

  25. Alene Murphy

    Back in the fifties I purchased a set of Studio Girl cosmetics from a sales lady in Wichita Kansas. I loved these products, and I too would like to know where to get them. Later on I started selling them in Hoxie Arkansas where I had moved. The people that did buy liked the products, but another Company was so popular at the time I couldn’t sell enough to justify it. I have what is left of a little hurricanelamp and a little hoot owl wall planter. I can’t remember if I won it or bought it. I also sent in a letter entering something that was going on, and it was published in a little book that I still have. I hope to see Studio Girl come back also.
    Alene Nunnally then. Now Alene Murphy

  26. Toni

    I found a TON of Studio Girl products in boxes in an old basement I was going through of a house my friend just purchased. I found tons of lipstick, some sort of lotion, tin vials of perfume or cologne (I think thats what it was) How old are these products? My friend is going through and tossing EVERYTHING that is in the basement and she said there is more Studio Girl stuff in the garage that she found. πŸ™‚

    • Toni

      tiny vials*


        The tiny vials were samples of the parfumes, as I think they were marketed. Mother became a sales agent because she had two teen aged daughters and the prices were better as an agent. She also sold, at cost, to coworkers at Boeing. The compacts were beautiful….I gave then to teachers as gifts….the perfumes were outstanding. I loved the eye colors, also.

  27. I am taking care of an Elderly Lady, who sold Studio Girl. She told my about her experiences and how GREAT the product was. How it helped her family when growing up and the battle she had with another cosmetic product that was also selling at the time….but how when this other lady put an article in the newspaper trying to trash her and the Studio Girl Product she ended up with more clients. Must have been a GREAT product. Do they still sale???

  28. Vintage perfume lover

    Hello, Mia, and thank you for creating this site! I’m a vintage fragrance dealer who recently acquired a boxed set of Studio Girl colognes, and it made me so happy to find all the information you’ve compiled here about the Studio Girl brand. It makes my job of doing research a little easier.
    I was wondering if you or other readers would happen to know what five fragrances typically go into the boxed set. Of the five bottles that should be in the set I found, one was missing. The four that I have are Shangri-La, Triege, Pink Lace, and Velmora.
    If you’d like to see the gift set, it’s listed on eBay right now at
    My listing includes a link to your website so that eBay readers can find their way here for more information and a chance to share their own memories about the company and its products. Thanks again!

    • Christine

      hi just thought i would send you this post about the fifth studio girl perfume from your boxed set you may know the perfume now but thought i would reply anyway….i think it was que sera but no sure, Christine

  29. Wendi Oliver

    I live in Beaufort North Carolina. We bought some property back in 2007 which was an old fish plant. We now have a state of the art Indoor Dry Stack storage unit. There is a small creek or slu as we like to call it and every once in a while I will walk the bank and find a variety of bottles in tack in the mud. Today we found a funny little glass bottle that looks like a long pleated skirt and on the bottom said Studio Girl 3 Hollywood. Can you tell me the year it was made? Thanks!!

  30. Roger (Rod) Gayton

    This is an awfully small product listing, what has happened to all the products we used to have. 81 year old,, retired ex-salesMAN, What happen to the face pack, that stuff was dynamite, and easy to sell?


    I was a Studio Girl rep. many, many years ago here in Oklahoma City. I am now 71, so when I say “many” years ago, you’ll understand that Studio Girl has been gone for a very long time. I’m fairly sure that the company was in Chicago, or somewhere in Illinois.

    Two of my favorite products were the “Always Yours” cologne and the “Juvenessence Night Cream.” There was another cologne called Que Sera that was nice as well, but my farorite was the Always Yours, and I did like the Pink Lace as well.

    I have forgotten how and where I arrived at this posting area for Studio Girl. Could someone be so kind as to email me the link to the starting page for this forum?

    I have a couple of email addresses, and this is one that I sometimes forget about for a bit.

    Thank you and have a wonderful week.

    Kit (a.k.a. classycat)

  32. Tara Weegar

    I was just talking to my mother about my great aunt Margaret. She said she was Harry Taylor’s personal secretary. Would you have any of her information?

  33. Darlene Frenette

    I have been searching for studio girl for years….my grandmother use to sell it in the 60’s…They had the most awesome eyebrow makeup and the brushes were amazing!!! I still have them from that many years ago and I don’t know what I would do if I lost the one I have left…. i would be so grateful to find a couple of those brushes…they were perfect and I guard the one I have with my life πŸ™‚ If you come across one I would so love it!!!

  34. My mother sold Studio Girl products during much of my childhood, and I frequently purchased through her at cost for presents for my sisters, Hair brushes, perfume, etc. they all liked the products. I recall that my mother sent me some of their cologne while I was in the Service, the lid was a silvery crown over a square bottle.
    My favorite product was Family Lotion. I seem to recall the active ingredient was Camphor and Menthol. The only substitute I have found, (and just last night), is called Sarna. And they advertise that they are expensive, but worth it.
    Is Studio Girl Family Lotion available any longer? What happened to the company? If everybody liked the products, how could they fall into disuse to the point that they no longer exist?

  35. Mike Myers

    Brings back old memories… I sold Studio Girl Shampoio door to door in Douglas, Alaska in 1956. I was 12 years old and was selling it to get a gas powered airplane that flew in a circle on a wire from the Studio Girl prize catalog.

  36. thelma rossow in Michigan

    I too sold studio products in the 60’s. Made some new friends, and loved the product

  37. robert

    I found an old tube of Studio Girl hollywood luxury creme shampoo and I am just wondering how old this may be? It appears to be a pink and white tube It was a 5oz and it was made in Hollywood ca. Any info would be great I dug it up in my yard.

  38. Cathy

    I have acquired a somewhat large supply of Studio Girl products from a former sales rep. I have many perfumes, colognes, lotions, lipstick and makeup. I am listing some of the products on Ebay. You can find them if you search my seller name, ahmeekpeddler
    Take a look if you are interested. Thanks!! Cathy

  39. Bianca

    I found an old lipstick that says studio girl Hollywood…it looks very old!

  40. Elizabeth Welch

    In search of some “Only You” Studio Girl cologne…aka…my mom’s smell. When I’m missing her the most, I dab on a little of the bit I have left of hers. The first conditioner my hair ever met was Studio Girl Cream Rinse, and Jojoba lotion that helped any sunburn. Mary Kay and Avon have nothing on the quality of those old Studio Girl products. If anyone runs across any of those 4oz square bottles of cologne they don’t know what to do with, let me know! :).

    • How wonderful to find this site! My sister sold Studio Girl when I was young, and I have many fond memories of her business, and all the products:-) LOVED the bath products…probably why I have such a love for soaps, bubble baths and lotions. I remember my favorite was a lily of the valley bubble bath, contained in a clear bottle with a plastic lily of the valley flower inside. Loved the Cream Rinse…pretty sure it was pink. I had the pearl ring shown above!

      I still have two of the choker necklaces. (have pics if you would like me to send) One choker is silver with hematite and rhinestones that has a matching attachable pendant and clip on earrings. I also have the same choker necklace in gold that features jade and pink and clear rhinestones. (only the necklace)

      What memories! Thanks for this site:-)

      • Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for writing in and sharing your memories of the products. I’m the former owner’s great-grandaughter and it’s so heartwarming to hear how much love comes along with the Studio Girl Cosmetics’ memories! We’d LOVE to see pictures, and even add them to the site if you’re ok with that. If so, please email them to I’d love to see them and I’m sure other visitors would too!

  41. Nostalgic

    I currently sell Mary Kay, but have constantly been thinking about those blue tubs of Studio Girl I was so fascinated with when I was a child in the 80’s at my Grandma’s home. I finally remembered to look it up. Sad to see that the product is discontinued; I had no idea it was a sales force product.

  42. Mary Meade Nash

    Bring it all back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The loveliest fragrance I ever smelled in my life and the makeup was just awesome.

  43. Susan

    I have an old eyeliner that says STUDIO GIRL on the side. It is made of some sort ot gold metal. It hasn’t tarnished in the many years it was in my mothers draw. How can I find out if it is worth anything?

  44. chris jacobsen

    I found what i believe is a pen for applying lip liner gloss or possibly eyeliner it appears to be made from high quality brass and has studio girl engraved very nicely on the side.the end twists and a rod pushes down to apply whatever it os used for not sure what it is just lookong for some info on its use and rarity

  45. Schari

    I to sold Studio Girl many moons ago and it was the easies thing I ever sold as I loved it myself. My favorite product was the liquefying cleansing cream…………it was the best ever and still looking for a product of it’s equal. No luck to day and it’s been over 30 years.

  46. Tricia Matthews

    Mom is passing in the next few days. She is 89 yrs. old. As I was lying in bed tonight remembering her and things we did together, I remembered her selling Studio Girl cosmetics. It is comforting to find this site. We lived in CA.

    • Thank you for finding this site Tricia. I’m sorry to hear about your mother, but glad the memories are comforting. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

      • Mary Ware

        My father gave my mom and me both a kit of the Studio Girl cosmetics. It was a surprise for my birthday. I still remember the melting quality of the cleansing creme. It was the most special present he ever gave me. I was just old enough for one of those. I could have been 12. I just remembered about the company a few weeks ago. Gee, to have one of those again…

  47. In the late 50’s early 60’s my mom was a sales rep for Studio Girl Cosmetics. She had her bag with all her cosmetics and samples and would take me along and we would go from house to house in our neighborhood in Fla and sell cosmetics. I have nice memories. Back in those days most people would welcome you into their home, offer you food and drink as you sold them cosmetics and socialized. It was like networking today. My mom is 92 and is in amazing shape. She still has her sense of style, just the other day we walked 70 blocks which we usually do, and if you saw her you would never think she is her age. Living a healthy life style and getting plenty of exercise, being humble and positive has paid off. Studio Girl played a big role in my childhood.

  48. I am listing an autographed picture of Jack Bailey on Ebay. Funny thing is it is addressed to Harry Taylor! It reads “Harry Taylor! Nothing but praise from the Queens who won a set of your Studio Girl Cosmetics!” I found your page because of the print on the picture. If anyone is interested starting bid is only $2.99 at

  49. Kristi M.

    My grandmother was a rep. I’ll always remember those little lipstick samples. She would give me the ones she didn’t need anymore so I could play “dress up” with them. Always watched her do morning and nightly routines with the face creams–with me asking, “what’s that for” or “what’s that do?” She loved that stuff. I still have some of her jewelry that was from Studio Girl.

  50. Betty Metcalf

    I too sold Studio Girl in the 60’s. It was a wonderful experience! I have never had a sales job that compared. I absolutely loved the mask and have never found one to compared.

  51. Dorothy Eberschlag

    I just found your blog about Studio Girl Cosmetics. I used and sold Studio Girl off and on from 1967 until they went out of business in the mid 1990’s and loved all of their products. My Mother, who was allergic to almost all soaps, lotions and cosmetics, was able to use almost all of their products. Someone told me that they were bought out by Revlon, but I don’t know if that is true. If it is, I hope Revlon will begin to use Studio Girl formulas to make some of their products.

  52. Evelyn Sanches

    I used to sell years ago….I loved the bubble bath…Oh so awesome… I miss the company..if anyone has some to sell please email me

  53. Ohio Buckeye

    Going thru my mom’s belongings, after her death…I found two blue tall glass vases with the Wedgewood type designs on them. One still has the Studio Girl sticker on the bottom…Grecian Splendor Bubble Bath. They are in perfect condition.

    Mom was also a sales rep & she still had beautiful skin right up until her death at age 86.

    From Studio Girl, she went to Fashion Two Twenty & went from one end of the USA & Canada to the other, helping people set their studios up. She loved to be beautiful…inside and out.

    Thank you for this website!

  54. Carolyn

    I found a glass bottle in the woods behind my house. It is about 3″ tall and says “Studio Girl Hair Conditioner from Hollywood” and on the back it lists Glendale CA as the headquarters. Can you tell me how old this bottle is? I’m excited to find out something about this product. I was born in the 60’s, so it would have probably been before my time!

  55. Christine

    Hi can anyone tell me of all the studio girl colognes that were around in the late 60’s please i used to work in wigan and a friend of mine always wore a fragrance she said it was from studio girl but i can not remember the actual fragrance and i loved it, i lost contact with her many years ago, i am like a bear with a sore head trying to find it! lol so anyone out there know the complete list of colognes please get in touch it would be very appreciated…. many many thanks Christine

  56. Ellen Barton

    I have an old Abe Lincoln plastic bust aftershave bottle with the plastic bottom, it is marked “MR” with two lions and a crown mark,on the bottom, 4 fluid ounces. Says Dist, by Studio Girl Hollywood, Inc. N. Hollywood, Calif. 91605, Made and Printed in the USA. I don’t know much about it, what year they made it and how much it may be worth. I have never heard of Studio Girl? Please let me know if you have any information. Thanks Ellen Barton

  57. I would like to know if anyone knows anything about the after shave from Studio Girl? I have a plastic head of George Washington and the bottom rim is also plastic, the container is glass. It does say Dist. by Studio Girl Hollywood, Calif. 91605 Made and Patented in USA. Abraham Lincoln Mr. After Shave 4 fl. oz. I have found the After Shave on E-bay, but it was in a different bottle. I have not found the Abraham Lincoln anywhere? If you can tell me where to look or if you know anything about it, it would be greatly appreciated. I have never heard of Studio Girl before I found this bottle. Thanks again Ellen Barton

  58. Sammi

    My mother sold Studio Girl Cosmetics when I was a little girl & I was always fascinated by the little sample box of tiny lipsticks which held such wonderful colour choices. My mother & all her clients would get all excited by the product packaging & the actual products themselves. Canadian women who would quickly turn into smiley, giggling ‘girls’ whenever they all got together to view & purchase Studio Girl products.

    • What an awesome memory, Sammi!! Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

    • I was also very fascinated with the lipstick samples in the little pink box:-) Thanks for sharing!

  59. My uncle, Howard Tate, had worked closely with Brownie Wise and building Tupperware in the 50’s. When she had a falling out with Mr. Tupper, my uncle left and went to LA in about 1959 and became one of the big distributors of Studio Girl since it was created on the same door to door basis as selling Tupperware. We had a house full of Tupperware and everything Studio Girl made. My mom had all kinds of beautiful jewelry sets that they made too, but you don’t hear much about them. It was a wonderful line

  60. Helen Williams

    Where can it be purchased?

  61. Lana eberspecher

    How do I get the products

  62. I used Studio girl for a long time the lady i purshades from moved The very best nail polish and lipstick wewe can i get some very good products

  63. Teri Blessing

    I came across a sample box of loose powders I’m going to Ebay there is one missing but the other 8 look in great shape and they are in a small pink and clear plastic box.

  64. Pamela Meadows

    My mom use to sell Studio Girl when I was little and my best memory of the products was when she got her order in and I was suppose to be taking a nap and ended up bringing in my puppy and using mom’s samples to make up my little dog. Poor thing, I still have to laugh about how my dad found me with the dog in the bed a bowl of dog food and a bowl of water all in the bed!! Wish Studio Girl was still around!!

  65. Edna Henrich

    My mom was a very elegant woman who had a hard time adjusting when she moved to a rural area. She sold Studio Girl cosmetics to all of the women in the area. She swore by all the products. At the holidays, she always bought the pink hair rinse for my aunt who had very thin hair. My aunt said it was the only reason she didn’t buy a wig. I still remember the beautiful rose pins my mom would receive. Good memories from the 60’s and 70’s.

  66. Debbie

    Oh gosh. I remember those tiny little lipstick samples, I loved looking at them. My mum sold Studio girl in the 1960’s. I remember her small white leather look case she held all her samples in. I had that case later on to store my Sindy clothes. Which I had it now 😊

  67. Angie

    I came across a studio girl beauty blush in peach The label on the back said dist.. By studio girl Hollywood inc N. Hollywood ca 91605 would like to know how old it is

  68. Frank Reece

    My mother age 87 was a Studio Girl Regional distributor in Knoxville, tn during the 70’s and would like to know if she can get the products today and maybe become a distributor again. She is still driving and now lives in Cleveland, tn. Is there a local place? Thanks

    • Hi Frank,

      That’s amazing! I am saddened to say that Studio Girl Cosmetics was sold to Helene Curtis quite a while ago, so the products are no longer available. Would love if your mother could share stories about her time with Studio Girl, and maybe I can feature them on the site?

      All the best,

      Mia Taylor (great-grandaughter of Harry Taylor)

  69. Arleen (Stephenson) Cappatocio

    I was at a Studio Girl house party when I was 18. I bought the mask that day, and one of the stories she told, was, if you had a burn, rub mask on and you would be fine. After I was married a few years, before kids, I was making French fries and accidentally dropped the basket of cold, wet fries into boiling grease. The grease went all the way up my arm and I was screaming to my husband to get the mask. We applied it all over my arm. It started to feel better right away, after it dried we gently washed it off with warm water. I know it’s hard to believe but, my arm never blistered, never peeled, was not even red. It was like it had never happened. When Studio Girl started selling out, I bought up all the mask I could find. I still have half a bottle, I’m now 75. Loved all the products, sure wish they would come back.

    • That’s awesome, Arleen!! Does it have the ingredients list on the bottle? Would you take a picture of it for us so we can feature it on the website in the Products page? Let me know and I’ll send you an email πŸ™‚ – Mia Taylor

  70. Tanya

    I found a old studio Girl – Hollywood moisturized compressed powder in perfect condition. It was my grandmothers and is in a good case with a flower and crown on it. It was never used. Can send pictures if you like. I’m amazed that so many people remember these products.

  71. Tanya

    πŸ™‚ I can still remember my Grandmother using these and the smell of skin after. Such nice products. I sent the pictures over.

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